Consumer Protection

Teske Law has decades of collective experience in consumer protection.  Our lawyers represent consumers who have been harmed as a result of illegal business practices.  Our consumer protection cases primarily focus on consumer contracts and financial transactions including mortgages, student loans, auto loans, and insurance products.  Many of our cases are brought on behalf of servicemembers who are too often the targets of illegal business practices.

We bring most of our consumer protection cases on behalf of a large number of individuals who are all affected by the same business practice.  Class actions allow consumers with relatively small claims to band together and bring their claims in one lawsuit.  We believe that through class action litigation we can help curb widespread deception and fraudulent practices by keeping businesses honest.  In so doing, consumers–together–can bring about a more fair and just marketplace.

Consumer protection statutes that Teske Law has represented classes of consumers include:

Attorneys at Teske Law have litigated complex state and national class actions representing hundreds of thousands of consumers in a variety of jurisdictions around the United States.  We believe in giving a voice to consumers who would otherwise be unable to challenge illegal practices and bring wrongdoing to light.

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