Servicemember Rights

Attorneys at Teske Law have significant experience representing military men and women for violations of their rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA).  These include:

We have been successful in getting money back for thousands of servicemembers throughout the United States that have been subject to violations of the SCRA, totaling in the millions of dollars.

The SCRA is a federal law that provides a variety of protections for service members who are, or were, on active duty or deployed.  Prior to 2003, the law was known as the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA).

The SCRA’s purpose is to suspend, postpone, terminate, or reduce the amount of certain civil obligations so that members of the armed forces and certain other individuals can focus their full attention on their military or professional responsibilities without negative consequences for themselves or their families.  Importantly, the SCRA provides a number of financial protections to our country’s servicemembers.

In addition to active duty military, the SCRA also protects reservists and National Guard members from the moment they receive their orders to go on active duty.  In some situations, the protections also extend to spouses and dependents of servicemembers as well as co-borrowers.  If you are not sure whether the SCRA applies (or applied) to you, attorneys at Teske Law can assist you in determining whether you are eligible for its protections.  Contact us today to learn more about your rights as a service member.

Amendments to SCRA Clarify Broad Protections for Servicemembers

The Veterans Benefits Act of 2010 amended the SCRA to make clear that servicemembers can bring cases challenging violations of the SCRA and seek monetary damages as well as other types of relief.   The amendments also added a provision to the SCRA allowing courts to require violators of the law to pay the servicemember’s attorney fees and costs of litigation.

Also, claims that are small individually may be possible to bring as a class action.  This gives the servicemember the opportunity to not only vindicate his or her rights under the SCRA, but also to vindicate the rights of other military members that had the same thing happen to them.  Our firm successfully litigated and settled one of the first SCRA student loan class actions in the country on behalf of thousands of servicemembers and has filed a number of other class actions on behalf of servicemembers since then.

Teske Law Is a National Leader in SCRA Litigation

Teske Law attorneys have been on the forefront of a number of servicemember legal issues being litigated in this country.  In December 2013, Teske Law senior partner Vildan A. Teske was asked to testify in front of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee regarding consumers’ access to justice in our public court system and specifically to discuss the cases she litigated on behalf of servicemembers under the SCRA.  She has been an outspoken advocate for the rights of servicemembers and consumers to have full access to our justice system to vindicate their rights.  Over the past decade, Vildan Teske has also been invited to present at numerous seminars for other lawyers and professionals on the topic of SCRA protections and is frequently contacted by the media, advocacy groups, and lawmakers for her insights on servicemember issues under the SCRA.

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